Counseling Corner: Willowbrook Counseling Department offers areas of focus for students during Winter Break

As the first semester of the 2021-22 school year comes to an end, the Willowbrook Counseling Department recommends the following areas in which students should focus during Winter Break.


  • Research career and activity areas of interest.

  • Research courses for sophomore year.


  • Research careers of interest by using Naviance ( and by visiting the Occupational Outlook Handbook (

  • Begin thinking about which courses you would like to take junior year based on your college and career plans, as well as graduation requirements you still need to complete.



  • Review your college admission portals to see your application decision, view any next steps and check whether any information is being requested for submission.

  • If you haven’t completed your 2022-23 FAFSA (, please complete it during Winter Break.

  • Continue searching and applying for scholarships. Visit college websites, as well as our Scholarship Google Classroom.

All students:

  • Continue to explore clubs/activities and athletics to get involved during second semester.

  • Set personal and academic goals for second semester.

  • Rest, enjoy time with family and friends, and be safe.