Principal: Dr. Daniel Krause

Department Phone: (630) 530-3439

Willowbrook Administration

Name Phone Schedule Contact
Staff member Isela Aquino photo
Isela Aquino
Executive Assistant to Principal
(630) 530-3439 View Isela Aquino schedule Contact Isela Aquino
Lisa Crotty
Student Accounting
(630) 628-3309 View Lisa Crotty schedule Contact Lisa Crotty
Erika Delgado
Financial Secretary
(630) 530-3445 View Erika Delgado schedule Contact Erika Delgado
Staff member Dr. Jamie Gourley photo
Dr. Jamie Gourley
Assistant Principal
(630) 530-3444 View Dr. Jamie Gourley schedule Contact Dr. Jamie Gourley
Marianne Greco
View Marianne Greco schedule Contact Marianne Greco
Joseph Helton
Assistant Principal
View Joseph Helton schedule Contact Joseph Helton
VaLarie Humphrey
Student Success Coordinator
Contact VaLarie Humphrey
Staff member Marcia Ivancevic photo
Marcia Ivancevic
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principal
(630) 530-3444 View Marcia Ivancevic schedule Contact Marcia Ivancevic
Staff member Shelley Kanara photo
Shelley Kanara
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principal
(630) 530-3441 View Shelley Kanara schedule Contact Shelley Kanara
Staff member Dr. Daniel Krause photo
Dr. Daniel Krause
(630) 530-3439 View Dr. Daniel Krause schedule Contact Dr. Daniel Krause
Ed Sullivan
Athletic Director
(630) 530-3406 View Ed Sullivan schedule Contact Ed Sullivan
Staff member Alma Villegas photo
Alma Villegas
Athletic Secretary
(630) 782-3144 View Alma Villegas schedule Contact Alma Villegas