Mathematics Department

Department Head: Brian Chelmecki

Department Phone: (630) 530-3961

Willowbrook Mathematics Department

Mission Statement:

The Mathematics Department’s mission is to develop problem solvers that persevere, reason mathematically, attend to precision, and effectively communicate mathematics.

2024 Summer Work:  Below is a list of classes that require summer work to be completed by the 1st day of the 2024-2025 school year.  Click your class below to access the Summer Packet in pdf form.

Recommended Calculator By Course:  The following link shows the recommended calculator for each course at Willowbrook High School.

Name Phone Schedule Contact
Staff member Ryan Bazon photo
Ryan Bazon
(630) 530-3961 View Ryan Bazon schedule Contact Ryan Bazon
Linda Behrendt
Teacher Aide
View Linda Behrendt schedule Contact Linda Behrendt
Staff member Steve Bridges photo
Steve Bridges
(630) 530-3961 View Steve Bridges schedule Contact Steve Bridges
Staff member Jennifer Burns photo
Jennifer Burns
(630) 782-3023 View Jennifer Burns schedule Contact Jennifer Burns
Staff member Brian Chelmecki photo
Brian Chelmecki
Math Department Head
(630) 782-3015 View Brian Chelmecki schedule Contact Brian Chelmecki
Staff member Andria Coletta photo
Andria Coletta
(630) 530-3961 View Andria Coletta schedule Contact Andria Coletta
Staff member Edgar Dorado photo
Edgar Dorado
(630) 458-4251 View Edgar Dorado schedule Contact Edgar Dorado
Staff member Elizabeth Hutchinson photo
Elizabeth Hutchinson
(630) 782-3017 View Elizabeth Hutchinson schedule Contact Elizabeth Hutchinson
Staff member Anna Lu photo
Anna Lu
(630) 530-3961 View Anna Lu schedule Contact Anna Lu
Staff member Julie Rasso photo
Julie Rasso
(630) 782-3026 View Julie Rasso schedule Contact Julie Rasso
Staff member Amanda Rohlfing photo
Amanda Rohlfing
(630) 782-3027 View Amanda Rohlfing schedule Contact Amanda Rohlfing
Grace Rush
Contact Grace Rush
Staff member Carrie Skala photo
Carrie Skala
(630) 782-2802 View Carrie Skala schedule Contact Carrie Skala
Staff member Gary  Strzelczyk photo
Gary Strzelczyk
(630) 782-3020 View Gary  Strzelczyk schedule Contact Gary  Strzelczyk
Staff member Trudy Sulita photo
Trudy Sulita
Department Secretary
(630) 530-3729 View Trudy Sulita schedule Contact Trudy Sulita
Staff member Azahara Tello photo
Azahara Tello
(630) 782-3018 View Azahara Tello schedule Contact Azahara Tello
Staff member Neil Wahlgren photo
Neil Wahlgren
(630) 782-3016 View Neil Wahlgren schedule Contact Neil Wahlgren
Staff member Elizabeth Zwart photo
Elizabeth Zwart
(630) 782-3029 View Elizabeth Zwart schedule Contact Elizabeth Zwart
Staff member Josh Zwart photo
Josh Zwart
(630) 782-3025 View Josh Zwart schedule Contact Josh Zwart