English Learners Department

Department Head: Kathy Lipowski

Department Phone: (630) 782-3001

English Learners (EL) Department

The English Learners (EL) program consists of a complementary English and Reading course with teacher teams at beginning, intermediate, and advanced language levels. Level 1 is a three-period program and focuses on intensive English instruction for students whose basic interpersonal language skills and cognitive academic language proficiency is at a beginning stage. There is an emphasis on oral comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing production skills. Intermediate or Level 2 is a two-period program that offers continuing English instruction for students whose language proficiency make it difficult to succeed in classes with English instruction. This level offers content support, as well as the further development of speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in English. Advanced or Level 3 is a two-period program for students whose interpersonal and academic language skills are approaching those of native speakers. The skill emphasis is on continued content support and the transition from EL into the core program. Placement or promotion for all program levels is based on national ACCESS and district GRADE scores. Additional academic support is offered through sheltered content courses and the Academic Resource Center. Both supports also offer native language assistance.

Name Phone Schedule Contact
Staff member Lucy Almanza-Fernandez  photo
Lucy Almanza-Fernandez
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Staff member Brian Chelmecki photo
Brian Chelmecki
Math Department Head
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Staff member Erica Craig photo
Erica Craig
Assistant Superintendent for Student Programs and Services
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Staff member Eduardo Delacruz photo
Eduardo Delacruz
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Staff member Edgar Dorado photo
Edgar Dorado
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Staff member Hilary Foster photo
Hilary Foster
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Staff member Ivan Jimenez photo
Ivan Jimenez
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Staff member Marisol  Johnson photo
Marisol Johnson
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Staff member Kathy Lipowski photo
Kathy Lipowski
Literacy Department Head
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Staff member Gina Mucha photo
Gina Mucha
Department Secretary
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Staff member Staci Scapardine photo
Staci Scapardine
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Staff member Colleen Smith photo
Colleen Smith
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Staff member Azahara Tello photo
Azahara Tello
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