Director of Community Relations

Dani (Danielle) Brink

At District 88, communication is a top priority

At District 88, one of our top priorities is to provide our stakeholders with transparent, relevant and timely communication.

We share successes and information about the district and schools through a variety of methods, including:

  • Electronic newsletter: We publish an electronic newsletter in English and Spanish each Friday. This communication piece is a great way to stay up to date with the latest District 88 news. To sign up for the newsletter, go to

  • Website In the event of an emergency/crisis situation, the district will post on its website to keep stakeholders informed.

  • Social media: Addison Trail and Willowbrook each have a Facebook account and a Twitter account. See the details below.

  • “The State of District 88”: Several times throughout the school year, we film “The State of District 88,” a video segment that highlights student successes and important information about the district. For more information, and to view the segments, go to
  • Automated call/e-mails: Throughout the school year, District 88 families will receive automated calls and e-mails regarding district and school events and important news. In the event of an emergency/crisis situation, this is a means of communication the district will use to inform families.

  • Direct contact: We are committed to being accessible and available to connect with stakeholders and communicate in a timely manner. If you have a question, a concern or need more information, we encourage you to contact our staff members directly by e-mail and/or phone. See the details below.

  • Alumni database: We want to stay in touch with Addison Trail and Willowbrook alumni to share all of the amazing things happening at your alma mater. Be sure to fill out the form at the links below to receive news and highlights.

To ensure you receive the most accurate content, we ask that you follow information provided directly by District 88 through the methods above. Thank you for your support of District 88 as we partner to accomplish our mission of working for the continuous improvement of student achievement.