Safety and security


At District 88, the safety and well-being of our students and staff is our No. 1 priority. We want to assure you the security of our buildings is always at the forefront of our work. We all share the goal of making our schools safe and welcoming for students, staff and visitors.

As part of that commitment to safety, District 88, along with school districts throughout DuPage County, has adopted emergency-situation guidance/a standard response protocol provided by the “I Love U Guys” Foundation (

The “I Love U Guys” Foundation helps create a mutual aid program to assist school communities in coordinating their response to an active threat situation. The goal is to establish the following among all school districts in the county:

  • Common terminology

  • Common reunification

  • Common training

  • Common procedures

See the image above and click on the link below for details about the terminology District 88 will use during emergency situations. This will be implemented starting with the 2023-24 school year.

More information about District 88’s safety and security efforts can be viewed below.


  1. Training for students and staff members: We list this item as No. 1 because creating a welcoming environment is the first step to a safe school. If students and staff members know they’re valued and feel a sense of belonging and pride, it helps establish a safe place of learning. We follow the motto of the “If You See Something, Say Something” national campaign and explain the importance of being proactive. We also train students and staff members how to handle various crisis situations. Establishing relationships with our students creates a culture where they feel comfortable communicating with us about potential issues.

  2. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS): In fall 2007, Addison Trail and Willowbrook implemented a program called PBIS, which encourages students to exemplify positive behavior and help others to do the same. Students are rewarded for living up to the Warrior Code at Willowbrook and showing Blazer Pride at Addison Trail, which instills a culture of tolerance and quality behavioral traits.

  3. Video cameras: Video cameras are installed in key places on the interior and exterior of the schools to ensure the safety of students and staff members. Our local first responders have access to this video feed to assist in the event of an emergency.

  4. School Resource Officers: When you enter Addison Trail or Willowbrook, you’ll often see School Resource Officers Timothy Johnston (Addison Trail) and Ernesto Perez (Willowbrook). Those officers are there to work with us in our mission to maintain the security of our schools.

  5. Crisis plans: We continuously work with our local officials to make sure we follow best practices with regard to school safety initiatives. Every year, District 88 meets with the local police and fire departments to update the district’s emergency plans to make sure we’re prepared for crisis situations. We also have ongoing drills and simulated practices with the police and fire departments, as well as the county homeland security office.

  6. Practicing security: We want to make sure we can follow through on the plans we implement, which is why we frequently host various crisis drills such as fire and tornado drills and mock lockdowns. Locker checks also take place during the school year.

  7. Communication: Keeping our stakeholders informed is a top priority at District 88. In the event of an emergency, District 88 uses an automated message system to inform parents/guardians and community members. We also post information on our website ( Our relationships with our students, staff, parents/guardians and community are critical to providing safe schools, and we truly value those partnerships.

  8. Monitoring the buildings: Throughout the day, staff members monitor the halls to ensure security and that students are focused on learning. Students also provide frequent feedback regarding concerns they have, and all information received is treated seriously and is fully investigated.

  9. Check-in system: Visitors to District 88 must have their driver’s license scanned to check for criminal background activity before they can enter the building. They also must wear a visitor badge and sign in and out, so we have a record of their visit.

  10. Mental health and social-emotional supports: Our school psychologists, social workers, guidance counselors and deans are always available to speak with students who need guidance and support. Those pupil services provide an opportunity for students to seek assistance in dealing with various difficult situations. Those relationships are critical to ensuring the safety of our schools. We also partner with Serenity House ( and Northeast DuPage Family and Youth Services ( to supplement the services we provide, to ensure students have the necessary resources and supports. To view mental health and social-emotional supports/services available for students, go to

    The Deans Office also helps to prevent bullying. Bullying of any kind is not tolerated at District 88, and there is a bullying hotline at each school. Anyone who wishes to make an anonymous report can contact the Emergency Hotlines below. For more information regarding anti-bullying, see the District 88 Handbook at

We value security highly at District 88, and we work daily to implement steps to keep students and staff members safe. If you have questions regarding the security measures at District 88, please feel free to contact District 88 Superintendent Dr. Jean Barbanente at or 630-530-3980. Thank you for your continued support of District 88.