World Languages Department

Department Head: Katherine Strand-Carroll

Willowbrook World Languages Department

Welcome to the Department of World Languages at Willowbrook High School. Our goal is to prepare students to be knowledgeable and active members of a global society. Students will develop language skills that will enable them to communicate meaningfully in various real-life situations. In our program, students will develop an appreciation and understanding of the culture and language of diverse groups and draw comparisons to their own.

Course sequences

French: French 1, French 2, French 3H, French 4H, French AP

German: German 1, German 2, German 3H, German 4H

Spanish: Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3H, Spanish 4H, AP Spanish Language and Culture, AP Spanish Literature

Heritage Spanish: Heritage Spanish Language 1, Heritage Spanish Language 2H, AP Spanish Language and Culture, AP Spanish Literature

Helpful documents

State Seal of Biliteracy/State Commendation FAQ

Elective Fair presentation

Course matrix / Spanish 1/2 Placement

Name Phone Schedule Contact
Staff member Cristy Hebreard photo
Cristy Hebreard
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Staff member Karina  Klimek  photo
Karina Klimek
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Staff member Dmitri Martinez  photo
Dmitri Martinez
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Staff member Kelly  McGovern photo
Kelly McGovern
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Staff member Miguel Molina photo
Miguel Molina
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Staff member Evelina Rodriguez photo
Evelina Rodriguez
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Staff member Katherine Strand-Carroll photo
Katherine Strand-Carroll
Department Head
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Staff member Nilay  Woodbury photo
Nilay Woodbury
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