Willowbrook Guidance Department and New Beginnings program provide supports for freshmen

The transition from middle/junior high school to high school can be challenging and overwhelming, and Willowbrook has a variety of programs and services in place to help freshmen feel welcome and comfortable.

One of those initiatives is New Beginnings, where upperclassmen mentor freshmen and show them what it means to be a Willowbrook Warrior and assist them in adjusting to high school. Throughout first semester, the New Beginnings leaders will facilitate about eight activities, including building tours that took place on Sept. 9 and 10 (pictured above, top). They also will meet with freshmen during their Warrior Time (resource period).

The Guidance Department also will provide four presentations for freshmen during first semester, including a “Family Feud”-style event that took place on Sept. 3 to share information about the Guidance Department, the Student Services Department and where to go for academic and social-emotional support (pictured above, bottom). Freshmen are welcome to contact their counselor with questions or for more information.