Willowbrook hosts State send-off celebration for members of Math Team

On April 5, Willowbrook hosted a State send-off celebration for members of the school’s Math Team, who will compete in the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM) State Math Contest. That event takes place on April 6 at Illinois State University.

To watch the send-off, click on the video above.

Those students are:

Individual participants
Sophomore Eli Gibson: Geometry
Junior Oscar Ramirez: Advanced Algebra
Junior Ashar Hussain: Precalculus

Junior/Senior 2-Person Team
Senior Alex Perry and junior Ashar Hussain

Junior/Senior 8-Person Team
Junior Oscar Ramirez
Junior Tyler Zabilka
Junior Isra Khattak
Junior Ashar Hussain
Senior Pyro Kuban
Senior Annabelle Deany
Senior Lillian Vish
Senior Alex Perry

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