Willowbrook names November recipient of 88’s Best recognition

Brendan Brett (pictured above, at right, with Willowbrook Principal Dr. Daniel Krause) has been named as Willowbrook’s November recipient of 88’s Best recognition for his highly improved performance. Brett, a senior, was recognized during the Nov. 15 District 88 Board of Education meeting. To watch his 88’s Best presentation, click on the video above.

The transition to high school can be challenging, but often provides the unique opportunity for students to demonstrate their true skills, talents, passion and commitment. Brett is a prime example of this, as he continues to exhibit growth and improvement. When he first entered Willowbrook, Brett was recommended for courses with multiple supports, but he scheduled his own meeting with the Department Head of Learning Services to advocate that he wanted to be challenged and intended to pave a new path forward. At the conclusion of his high school career, Brett will have completed eight Advanced Placement (AP)/college-level courses, college-credit-earning courses and a multitude of honors courses, including Project Lead The Way classes.

Academic achievements:

  • Earned Distinction Honor Roll status each semester since the second semester of his freshman year
  • No longer receives additional supports outside of the classroom
  • Recognized as an AP Scholar with Honors
  • Inductee of Civitas (Willowbrook’s Social Studies Honor Society)

School and community involvement:

  • Member of Key Club
  • Member of MEDline, a club for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the medical field
  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter

Future plans:
Brett’s plans for the future include studying biochemistry and conducting scientific research or entering the medical field. He intends to apply to University of Wisconsin–Madison, Loyola University Chicago, Marquette University, Bradley University and University of Michigan.

Staff member comments:
“I have had the pleasure to work with Brett for the past three and a half years as his school counselor. He has come a long way since his transition to high school, and high school has certainly brought the best out of him. From the beginning, he has taken a rigorous course load, been involved in sports and activities and volunteered in the community. His ability to manage school work, extracurricular activities and life outside of school demonstrates his improvements in time management and navigating high school. There is no doubt he will be successful in the college environment and beyond.”

-Carmen Avdiu, Willowbrook School Counselor

“I loved having Brett in AP English Language last year. I appreciated his impressive insights, connections and wit. He is a critical thinker, and I always enjoyed reading his essays, because I knew I would learn something interesting and new from his arguments. He was diligent throughout the year, despite the challenge of remote learning, and his style and voice flourished as the year progressed. I was so pleased to see he earned a 4 on the AP Language Exam to complement his impressive A-work in class. Along with being an awesome student, he also was so kind. He would often check in with me to see how my family and I were doing. I am thrilled he received this award.”

-Terri Woebel, Willowbrook English teacher

“I have only known Brett this year in my Spanish class, and for that I am truly sad. He is such an amazing young man. He is a kind, intelligent, hardworking and caring young man, who has taken on quite the workload this year. Yet, he still manages to get his work in and excels at his assessments in my class. I can always count on him to make me have a better day and keep me organized as a teacher. I’m so proud of the young man he has become, and I know he has a bright future, wherever that takes him. Thanks, Brendan, for being you, and thanks for allowing me to be a part of your journey. The world isn’t quite ready for all of the amazing things you will accomplish. Congrats on being this month’s District 88’s Best! You deserve it!”

-Cristy Hebreard, Willowbrook world language teacher

  • District 88 values the hard work and achievements of students and wants to make sure students are honored and recognized for their accomplishments. The District 88 Board of Education and administration created the 88’s Best award to highlight students’ success. That award recognizes nine Addison Trail and nine Willowbrook students each school year for reaching their personal best in various areas. Recipients are honored during a District 88 Board of Education meeting in one of the following areas: academics, highly improved performance, extracurricular activities, service work or performing arts/electives. They receive an 88’s Best glass sculpture and a certificate to a local restaurant.