Principal: Jack Andrews

Department Phone: (630) 628-3302

Addison Trail Administration

Name Phone Schedule Contact
Staff member Jack Andrews photo
Jack Andrews
(630) 628-3302 Contact Jack Andrews
Humberto Ayala
Athletic Director
(630) 628-3330 View Humberto  Ayala schedule Contact Humberto  Ayala
Karla Cosio
Athletic Secretary
(630) 458-4391 View Karla Cosio schedule Contact Karla Cosio
Lisa Crotty
Student Accounting
(630) 628-3309 View Lisa Crotty schedule Contact Lisa Crotty
Santa DeAngelo
Substitute Coordinator
(630) 628-3359 View Santa DeAngelo schedule Contact Santa DeAngelo
Staff member Esther Delgado photo
Esther Delgado
Executive Assistant to the Principal
(630) 628-3302 View Esther Delgado schedule Contact Esther Delgado
VaLarie Humphrey
Student Success Coordinator
Contact VaLarie Humphrey
Staff member Carina  Merino photo
Carina Merino
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principal
(630) 628-3306 View Carina  Merino schedule Contact Carina  Merino
Staff member Matt Thompson photo
Matt Thompson
Assistant Athletic Director/Dean
(630) 458-4148 View Matt Thompson schedule Contact Matt Thompson
Staff member Licel Tornabene photo
Licel Tornabene
(630) 628-3319 View Licel Tornabene schedule Contact Licel Tornabene
Darlene Vargas
Assistant Principal
(630) 628-3314 View Darlene Vargas schedule Contact Darlene Vargas
Jazmine Ventura
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principal
(630) 458-4147 View Jazmine  Ventura schedule Contact Jazmine  Ventura
Staff member Michael Warren photo
Michael Warren
Assistant Principal
(630) 628-3306 View Michael Warren schedule Contact Michael Warren