Principal: Jack Andrews

Addison Trail Administration

Name Phone Schedule Contact
Staff member Jack Andrews photo
Jack Andrews
(630) 628-3302 Contact Jack Andrews
Humberto Ayala
Athletic Director
(630) 628-3330 View Humberto  Ayala schedule Contact Humberto  Ayala
Karla Cosio
Athletic Secretary
(630) 458-4391 View Karla Cosio schedule Contact Karla Cosio
Lisa Crotty
Student Accounting
(630) 628-3309 View Lisa Crotty schedule Contact Lisa Crotty
Santa DeAngelo
Substitute Coordinator
(630) 628-3359 View Santa DeAngelo schedule Contact Santa DeAngelo
Staff member Esther Delgado photo
Esther Delgado
Executive Assistant to the Principal
(630) 628-3302 View Esther Delgado schedule Contact Esther Delgado
Staff member Sonia Hernandez photo
Sonia Hernandez
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principal
(630) 628-3306 View Sonia Hernandez schedule Contact Sonia Hernandez
Staff member Iridia Nevarez photo
Iridia Nevarez
Assistant Principal
(630) 628-3304 View Iridia Nevarez schedule Contact Iridia Nevarez
Staff member Matt Thompson photo
Matt Thompson
Assistant Athletic Director/Dean
(630) 458-4148 View Matt Thompson schedule Contact Matt Thompson
Staff member Licel Tornabene photo
Licel Tornabene
(630) 628-3319 View Licel Tornabene schedule Contact Licel Tornabene
Jazmine Ventura
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principal
(630) 458-4147 View Jazmine  Ventura schedule Contact Jazmine  Ventura
Staff member Michael Warren photo
Michael Warren
Assistant Principal
(630) 628-3306 View Michael Warren schedule Contact Michael Warren