Department Head: Jason Bugajsky

Department Phone: (630) 628-3352

Addison Trail Mathematics Department

The Addison Trail High School Mathematics Department will provide the highest quality mathematics education for every student.

To ensure “the highest quality mathematics education for every student,” the Mathematics Department recognizes that curriculum, instruction, and assessment must be dynamic, intellectually challenging, and attentive to the diverse needs of students. The Mathematics Department dedicates itself to developing and implementing a clearly articulated, coherent curriculum focused on important and meaningful mathematics. A mathematics curriculum includes what is to be learned, how it will be taught, and how learning will be assessed.

2024 Summer Math Preparation (Just to practice skills)  link

AP PreCalc or Advance Algebra Honors Summer Packet link

8th Grade Curriculum Night Curriculum Map link  and Common Questions link

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Required Calculator link

SAT Prep link

COD Transitional Math Flyer ALEKS (for students and parents) link

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Name Phone Schedule Contact
Staff member Matthew Bauers photo
Matthew Bauers
(630) 458-4225 View Matthew Bauers schedule Contact Matthew Bauers
Staff member Jason Bugajsky photo
Jason Bugajsky
Department Head
(630) 458-4231 View Jason Bugajsky schedule Contact Jason Bugajsky
Staff member Lindsay Bugajsky photo
Lindsay Bugajsky
(630) 458-4236 View Lindsay Bugajsky schedule Contact Lindsay Bugajsky
Staff member Itzel Carranza Hegner photo
Itzel Carranza Hegner
(630) 458-4232 View Itzel Carranza Hegner schedule Contact Itzel Carranza Hegner
Staff member Michael Galfi photo
Michael Galfi
(630) 458-4241 View Michael Galfi schedule Contact Michael Galfi
Staff member Justin Hegner photo
Justin Hegner
(630) 458-4234 View Justin Hegner schedule Contact Justin Hegner
Jessica Hilario
(630) 458-4240 View Jessica Hilario schedule Contact Jessica Hilario
Staff member Colleen Kane photo
Colleen Kane
(630) 458-4235 View Colleen Kane schedule Contact Colleen Kane
Anthony Medina
Contact Anthony Medina
Staff member Andrew Mitchell photo
Andrew Mitchell
(630) 458-4237 View Andrew Mitchell schedule Contact Andrew Mitchell
Staff member Eric Norberg photo
Eric Norberg
(630) 458-4238 View Eric Norberg schedule Contact Eric Norberg
Staff member Kirsten Olson photo
Kirsten Olson
(630) 458-4239 View Kirsten Olson schedule Contact Kirsten Olson
Staff member Julie Rana photo
Julie Rana
(630) 458-4247 View Julie Rana schedule Contact Julie Rana
Staff member Natalie Stach Wilen photo
Natalie Stach Wilen
(630) 458-4242 View Natalie Stach Wilen schedule Contact Natalie Stach Wilen
Staff member Phillip Stewart photo
Phillip Stewart
(630) 458-4243 View Phillip Stewart schedule Contact Phillip Stewart
Staff member Ashley Vaca photo
Ashley Vaca
(630) 458-4249 View Ashley Vaca schedule Contact Ashley Vaca
Staff member Sheila Wojcik photo
Sheila Wojcik
(630) 458-4233 View Sheila Wojcik schedule Contact Sheila Wojcik