Addison Trail Junior Varsity Blazettes Team makes school history

This year, the Addison Trail Blazettes are making school history by implementing a junior varsity team for the first time.

And the junior varsity team members continued their historic season on Dec. 3 by participating in the group’s first competition (which was the Evergreen Park High School Competitive Dance Invitational), where they finished in second place (pictured above).

The student-athletes are freshman Iris Fausto, sophomore Emily Stefanowicz, freshman Brianna Pereida, sophomore Nancy Ghai, junior Mia Bozman, freshman Valeria Ceballos, junior Guadalupe Ochoa, sophomore Paige Stone, sophomore Mayte Negrete Ramirez, freshman Jaquelyn Leyva, sophomore Mailen Pina Perez and freshman Anicelle Moreno.