Addison Trail recognizes AT’s Best

On Nov. 10, a group of Addison Trail students was named as AT’s Best (pictured above).

The AT’s Best award honors students who have achieved a “personal best.” The following categories have been used to recognize recipients: service, Blazer Pride, cooperation, dependability, initiative, leadership, humanitarian spirit or unique contributions. Students receive a pin or a T-shirt for their efforts.

AT’s Best recipients are:

  • Senior Yana Patel: Nominated by social studies teacher Mark Olson

  • Senior Carly Zaprzal: Nominated by Guidance Counselor Sofia Daly

  • Senior Antonio Bruno, junior Megan Sowa, senior Ruben Ramirez, sophomore Barbara Martinez, sophomore Josephine Ficarra, sophomore Anna Stavropoulos and senior John Pinns: Nominated by English teacher and Theatre Director Anna McSweeney

  • Seniors Daniel Zuniga Jr., Emma Walis, Nancy Perez and David Peters: Nominated by English teacher Patricia Subers

  • Freshmen Zuzanna Czyzycka, Ashley Rivera, Damario Baker, Damarion Baker, Josue Diego, Camila Esparza, Mohammed Ahmed and Vanessa De La Cruz: Nominated by science teacher Laura Garcia, English teacher Sabrina Miller, social studies teacher Alex Serrano and special education teacher Anna Grice

  • Freshmen Katelyn Ford, Cinthya Robles, Alison Haag, Itzel Gamboa, McKenzie Perry, Santino Dill, Olivia Boksa, Grace Cannizzo, Jacqueline Bugante, Krishna Mistry, Gabriela Carpenter and Alexa Bonilla: Nominated by science teacher Aileen Sullivan, English teacher Katie Inzinga and social studies teacher Mark Olson

  • Sophomore Dominic Mazon: Nominated by science teacher Aileen Sullivan

  • Senior Giovanna Mosely: Nominated by Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department Head Jenny Kowalski and special education teacher Joanna Simousek

To watch a video of staff members honoring the students, click on the video above.