Department Head: Amy Ferraro

Department Phone: (630) 628-3348

Addison Trail English Curriculum Sequence

Core English Honors English Year
Freshmen House (World Literature) Freshmen Studies Honors English -May be either all honors sections or honors by contract - (World Literature)  9
Sophomore House or Journalism (World and Modern lit.) Sophomore Honors House or Journalism with honors option (World and Modern lit.)  10
American Studies Advanced Placement Language and Comp. (AP Reading list - American)  11
College Bound English and/or Modern Literature or electives  Advanced Placement Literature and Composition (AP reading list - British)  12

English Department Electives
: Survey of Theatre, Creative Writing, College English, Modern Literature, Basic Communication Skills, Applied Journalism (Torch), Yearbook (ATtribute), New Humanities-Cinema 


  • In addition to the above courses, one semester of speech is required for graduation. This course is usually taken during the sophomore year.
  • Placement in the above levels is done according to scores on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills and the ACT Explore test. Junior high school teachers suggest initial placement.
  • Depending on the college chosen, Advanced Placement (AP) courses might allow students to receive college credit after the first semester of college is completed, waive lower-level required courses, or move on to advanced course work in college, usually at a substantial savings in tuition.