Department Head: Mark Corey

Addison Trail Art Department

The Addison Trail Art Department is committed to providing visual literary for our students by promoting fluency in various forms of visual communication, including studio production, art history, aesthetics and criticism.

Students have the opportunity through their participation in the visual arts to celebrate and recognize the creativity inherent in all human beings. By engaging in a wide range of subject matter and media, we give our students the tools for a life long process of problem solving.

Addison Trail students will know the language of the visual arts by understanding the sensory elements, organizational principles and expressive qualities of art.

Addison Trail students will understand how works of art are produced by using traditional tools, modern technologies and other processes; and applying skills and knowledge to create their own artwork. Understanding the role of the arts in civilization, past and present, Addison Trail students will be able to analyze how art shapes and reflects history, society and everyday life.


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Mark Corey
Department Head
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Timothy Hockensmith
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Maria Ramon
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