Addison Trail parent and community organizations

Parents/guardians, alumni and community members – are you looking for a way to get involved with and give back to Addison Trail?

There are several organizations you can join that benefit Addison Trail students. Below is general information about those groups.

District 88 Update Meetings
Throughout the school year, we will host District 88 Update Meetings to communicate and connect with parents/guardians and students. This is an opportunity to meet with administrators and Board of Education members to discuss the school year and future plans, as well as an opportunity to participate in a question-and-answer session. For more information, go to
District 88 Foundation
The District 88 Foundation is a member of the Partnership for Inspired Education (PIE) Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that serves public school students in District 88, Addison School District 4, District 45 and Salt Creek School District 48. Founded in 2009, PIE is designed to be the foundation that supports a long-term partnership with the community, businesses, schools and, most importantly, the children served. Funds raised by the foundations are used to support District 88 students. For more information, go to
Citizens Advisory Council (CAC)
The CAC is an organization comprised of appointed parents/guardians and citizens of the Addison Trail community, along with Board of Education members and the Principal. The group meets to discuss current issues prevalent in the high school, and members are liaisons between the community and the Board of Education to share community feedback, questions and suggestions. For more information, go to
Addison Trail Parent Organization (ATPO)
The Addison Trail Parent Organization (ATPO) helps build a connection between home and school. The ATPO is responsible for the Spaghetti Dinner and for giving scholarships to Addison Trail students. For more information, contact Addison Trail Principal Jack Andrews at
Athletic Boosters
The Athletic Booster Club cheers for all Blazers – in all sports, at all levels – who wear the Navy Blue and White of Addison Trail. The Athletic Booster Club runs the concession stands and is always in need of an extra set of hands to help. The club also sells Blazer Wear to promote Blazer Pride among students, parents/guardians, staff, alumni and community members. The club supports service projects throughout the community by Addison Trail student-athletes as well. In the spring, the club offers scholarships to senior varsity athletes who meet the criteria. For more information, e-mail
Music Boosters
The Music Booster Club is comprised of parents/guardians of students who are involved in the Addison Trail Music Program. Addison Trail offers Band, Orchestra, Choir, Piano and Guitar classes, as well as several performance ensembles. Music Booster Club members help organize music trips and assist the music program. For more information, contact Addison Trail Assistant Principal Darlene Vargas at
Theatre Boosters
The Theatre Booster Club is comprised of parents/guardians of students involved in the Addison Trail Theatre Program. The club assists Theatre students during productions and helps organize meals during production week. Theatre Booster Club members also help organize the end-of-year banquet and give awards to thespians. For more information, go to
Padres Latinos en Acción
Through this group, Spanish-speaking parents/guardians are provided the opportunity to increase their knowledge of the school system to help their students achieve at the highest level. Meeting topics are driven by parent/guardian interest and include information on accessing college, financial aid, rigorous academic programming at Addison Trail, social-emotional concerns and community issues. For more information, contact Addison Trail Assistant Principal Darlene Vargas at
Special Education Parent Advisory
Parents/guardians of students with special needs are invited to participate in a series of educational sessions. Those sessions are focused on assisting students to develop needed skills – including academic, self-advocacy, vocational and life skills – to allow for a successful transition from school to adult life. Participants have the opportunity to give feedback and discuss current issues related to special education programming at Addison Trail. For more information, contact Addison Trail Special Education Department Head Julie Johnson at

For questions or more information about the above groups, contact Addison Trail at 630-628-3300.