Director: Darlene Vargas

Department Phone: (630) 628-3398

Addison Trail Deans & Attendance Department

The Deans Office is responsible for monitoring the attendance and behavior of Addison Trail students. Each Dean works with particular students.


School day attendance line:

(630) 628-3333

School laws within Illinois require regular school attendance. Each student is expected to be in attendance, except when there is a valid excuse. It is the parent's responsibility to call daily and provide specific information about their student's absence.

Please include:

  • The student's full name and ID number
  • Date and reason for the absence


Behavioral regulations are outlined and reviewed annually in the Parent/Student Handbook. Students/parents receive a copy of this handbook each year during registration. If you have any questions regarding policies/procedures or the consequences associated with them, contact your student's Dean. The Deans work on behalf of their students in conjunction with other PPS members (social workers, psychologist, counselor) to address issues that arise.

Name Phone Schedule Contact
Louisa Aguirre
Department Secretary (Attendance)
(630) 458-4149 Contact Louisa Aguirre
Maria Bedoya Gil
Department Secretary (Attendance)
(630) 458-4147 View Maria Bedoya Gil schedule Contact Maria Bedoya Gil
Joseph Helton
(630) 628-3314 View Joseph Helton schedule Contact Joseph Helton
Staff member Anti-bullying Hotline photo
Anti-bullying Hotline
Confidential hotline
(630) 782-2801
Staff member Carina  Merino photo
Carina Merino
Department Secretary (Deans Secretary)
(630) 628-3312 View Carina  Merino schedule Contact Carina  Merino
Staff member Evelina Rodriguez photo
Evelina Rodriguez
(630) 782-2806 View Evelina Rodriguez schedule Contact Evelina Rodriguez
Staff member Matt Thompson photo
Matt Thompson
Assistant Athletic Director/Dean
(630) 458-4148 View Matt Thompson schedule Contact Matt Thompson
Darlene Vargas
Director of Deans, ACHIEVE Coordinator
(630) 628-3314 View Darlene Vargas schedule Contact Darlene Vargas