District 88 Foundation Staff Grants/Mini-Grants

In 2013-14, the District 88 Foundation introduced grants/mini-grants to give back to District 88 teachers and staff.

Those grants/mini-grants are awarded annually for staff to develop instructional opportunities that benefit students such as math and science activities, technology, fine arts, literacy and internet-based programs.

Year Number of grants awarded Total amount awarded
2013-14 11 $6,000
2014-15 18 $8,795.31
2015-16 12 $5,300
2016-17 15 $7,650
2017-18 10 $5,305.47
2018-19 10 $3,476.75










Click the button below to read more about the District 88 Foundation mini-grants through the foundation's column, "Foundation for a Strong Education." The column provides an inside look into mini-grants provided by the District 88 Foundation for staff members to implement instructional opportunities that benefit District 88 students. This feature will share how these mini-grants are making a positive difference at Addison Trail and Willowbrook to build futures for our students and help accomplish District 88’s mission of working for the continuous improvement of student achievement. For more information about the foundation, go to www.dupage88.net/foundation.

"Foundation for a Strong Education" column