Manufacturing and information technology career clusters

CTE Youth Apprenticeship Program   


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Project Hire-Ed Apprenticeship Program

Project Hire-Ed launched in 2018 with the intent to build a bridge between workforce needs and education to help employers find the right talent for their organizations and to teach students the skills employers are seeking.

Project Hire-Ed is a four-year program – two years to complete the coursework and two more years working with the employer. It is open to individuals 18 years old and older who are current College of DuPage (COD) students, career changers, veterans, unemployed, under-employed, recent high school or GED graduates or current high school students. There’s even an opportunity for high school students to earn dual-credit through the program. High-schoolers can take the seminar class, as well as two technical courses, to get started before they graduate (but they must meet reading, writing and math requirements).

Apprenticeship programs provide hands-on training to an employee while gaining necessary competency. They offer skills in a particular occupation, help connect to a career pathway, and combine on-the-job training with appropriate instruction. It is commonly referred to as an “Earn and Learn” model. The program is currently part of the following industries: Manufacturing and applied technology, horticulture and information technology (the program connects students to career opportunities in those fields). The initial seminar course is $138. Students then interview with local employers.  If a student receives an offer from an employer, they will be paid as they learn.

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CNC Machining Fundamentals

This course (IT66135CTE) helps students gain exposure to the modern machine shop environment and principles of manufacturing. Students will demonstrate attainment by achieving a passing score on the National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS) Measurement, Materials & Safety credentialing exam.

Students will travel to Symbol Training Institute two days a week. On the days they do not travel, students will be assigned to GOAL/Credit Recovery for periods 6-8, during which time they will be enrolled in the Edgenuity course Manufacturing: Product Design and Innovation (or another course approved by the administration).

  • One semester
  • Meets two days a week at Symbol Training Institute
  • Periods 5-8 (12:30-2:30 at Symbol)
  • 2 credit hours

This course is open to juniors and seniors. Placement criteria includes basic math skills (decimals and fractions) and basic conversational English skills.