District 88 earns IASB School Board Governance Recognition designation

On behalf of the DuPage High School District 88 Board of Education, I am proud and honored to share the District 88 Board recently earned School Board Governance Recognition designation from the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB).

I have served on the District 88 Board since 2004 and have been President since 2011. During that time, I have seen firsthand how critical it is to have a Board that’s informed, passionate, engaged, supportive, forward thinking and student centered. In collaboration with the District 88 administration, staff, students, parents/guardians and communities, we have accomplished tremendous things for our pupils – including removing barriers, establishing policies that create an environment in which all students can succeed and implementing programs and services to help ensure all students are college, career and culturally ready. To be recognized for those efforts by the IASB is rewarding, and it’s encouraging to know we are on the right path. We will be formally recognized during the IASB DuPage Division Meeting on Nov. 2 at The Carlisle in Lombard.

School Board Governance Recognition acknowledges school boards that have engaged in activities that lead to excellence in local school governance in support of quality public education. Boards are honored for learning and practicing effective governance behaviors, through participation in and support for board development programs and events. For more information, go to https://www.iasb.com/memberships-and-divisions/awards-and-recognition/school-board-governance-recognition.

The application process involved demonstrating our efforts in areas such as:

  • Communicating our mission, vision and goals to stakeholders

  • Engaging in two-way communication with stakeholders

  • Conducting regular policy reviews and maintaining a current, updated policy manual

  • Monitoring progress toward district ends (mission, vision and goals) with the use of data

  • Implementing an orientation process for newly seated board members

  • Collectively and individually taking responsibility for continuous learning and development as a board

  • Positively impacting outcomes for students and improving organizational effectiveness

    • We highlighted our:
      • College and career supports
      • Community partnerships
      • Efforts to enhance student involvement
      • Focus on providing an environment in which all students can succeed
      • Finances and building projects
      • Mental health and social-emotional supports

Earning the IASB School Board Governance Recognition designation is a point of pride for our district and communities, as it shows our dedication to maintaining a high-quality experience for our students and families. Thank you for your partnership in accomplishing our mission of working for the continuous improvement of student achievement.

With District 88 Pride,
Donna Craft Cain
District 88 Board of Education President