District 88 honors and thanks retiring Addison School District 4 Superintendent for his years of service

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During its May 23 meeting, the District 88 Board of Education, along with the District 88 administration, conveyed their heartfelt “thank you” to Addison School District 4 Superintendent John Langton for his years of dedicated service to the Village of Addison.

Langton will retire in June 2022, and the District 88 Board of Education and administration would like to commemorate his leadership, friendship, spirit, teamwork and commitment to the Addison school community. Langton has served in public education for 34 years, and the District 88 Board of Education and administration honor the positive impact he has made on the lives of countless students.

Langton has served as Superintendent of Addison School District 4 for 13 years and previously was an Assistant Superintendent, a middle school Principal and an elementary school Principal at Addison School District 4, as well as a middle school Assistant Principal at Community Consolidated School District 93 and an elementary and middle school teacher at Community Consolidated School District 21.

Langton believes education is a noble profession that allows staff the ability to help children be successful. He recently was named as a recipient of the Dr. Scott J. Helton Excellence in Educational Leadership Award from the DuPage Division of the Illinois Association of School Administrators (IASA) for demonstrating humility, gratitude, allyship, positivity, advocacy and being a mentor and relationship builder.

The Board presented Langton with four resolutions – from District 88, the Village of Addison, Sen. Don Harmon and the Illinois House of Representatives (Deb Conroy, Terra Costa Howard and Kathleen Willis). See the resolutions at https://dupage88.net/site/public/files/?item=6383. The Board and administration also commissioned a customized free-blown glass crystal sculpture for Langton, which was created by retired District 88 staff member Robert Lee Fritz.