Science Department

Department Head: David Garcia

Willowbrook Science Department

The mission of the Science Department is to educate and develop informed and contributing members of society by creating systematic and logical problem solvers, who can evaluate scientific information and literature to make informed decisions.

Required science sequence: The link below describes the required science sequence for students for freshman, sophomore, and junior year. For each year, it describes the courses available, along with similarities and differences.

Required science sequence

Elective science courses: The link below describes the science electives students can take. Each course has a description, along with the courses that must be taken prior to taking the elective.

Elective science courses

Name Phone Schedule Contact
Staff member Justine Bryers photo
Justine Bryers
(630) 530-3966 View Justine Bryers schedule Contact Justine Bryers
James Callahan
(630) 782-3099 Contact James Callahan
Staff member Ben Fenske photo
Ben Fenske
(630) 530-3966 View Ben Fenske schedule Contact Ben Fenske
Staff member John Fouser photo
John Fouser
(630) 782-3071 View John Fouser schedule Contact John Fouser
Staff member David Garcia photo
David Garcia
Department Chair
(630) 782-3081 View David Garcia schedule Contact David Garcia
Staff member Megan Graham photo
Megan Graham
(630) 782-3072 View Megan Graham schedule Contact Megan Graham
Zachary Joiner
(630) 782-3098 Contact Zachary Joiner
Staff member James Kedvesh photo
James Kedvesh
(630) 782-3074 View James Kedvesh schedule Contact James Kedvesh
Staff member Tim Lavorato photo
Tim Lavorato
(630) 782-3966 View Tim Lavorato schedule Contact Tim Lavorato
Vanessa Martinez
(630) 782-3076 Contact Vanessa Martinez
Staff member Sara Phillips photo
Sara Phillips
(630) 530-3966 View Sara Phillips schedule Contact Sara Phillips
Malcolm Ross
(630) 782-3066 Contact Malcolm Ross
Staff member Brad Schmit photo
Brad Schmit
(630) 782-3083 View Brad Schmit schedule Contact Brad Schmit
Staff member Eastman Tiu photo
Eastman Tiu
(630) 782-3077 View Eastman Tiu schedule Contact Eastman Tiu
Staff member Marlene Valadez photo
Marlene Valadez
(630) 530-3998 View Marlene Valadez schedule Contact Marlene Valadez
Staff member Matthew Zaucha photo
Matthew Zaucha
(630) 530-3400 View Matthew Zaucha schedule Contact Matthew Zaucha