Driver Ed

Department Head: Mike Haussmann

Department Phone: (630) 530-3410

Willowbrook - Driver Education Behind the Wheel


Driver Education Requirements:

  • Be at least 15 years old and have earned 8 credits or more in the prior two semesters
  • Attend Willowbrook and be currently enrolled in or have passed classroom
  • Attend a private school within the District
  • Live in the District, but attend a private school out of the District
  • Homeschooled and live in the District


  • Behind the Wheel registration takes place three times a year and is based on age with the oldest students assigned first. In late August, registration will take place for the three sessions (6 weeks each) offered in Semester 1. In November, registration will take place for the three sessions (6 weeks each) offered in Semester 2. A student is eligible to take Behind the Wheel in the semester they begin Driver Education classroom or any time thereafter. Students taking Behind the Wheel classroom Semester 2 can register for Behind the Wheel in the November registration prior to beginning classroom in January. Sign up for Summer Driver Education classroom and Summer Behind the Wheel takes place in the spring. The registration dates and times will be posted on the Driver Education About web page once they are confirmed.

  • Part 1 of sign-up is completing the Google Registration form. The form will be open for five days each registration period.  You will indicate which sessions and time of day your student is available for Behind the Wheel instruction. When indicating a time and session, take into consideration any sports, activities or other commitments you may have.  Students are assigned by age with the oldest students being assigned first.

  • Part 2 of the process is receiving notification that your student was assigned a session and time.  At this time, a $250 payment (cash, check, credit card or money order made payable to Willowbrook High School or WBHS) which is submitted at the WB Bookstore or paid online through RevTrak.

  • The session start and end dates for Behind the Wheel are approximated. A student will be contacted by their driving instructor who will tell them what date they start and where to meet the instructor. Do NOT show up if you have not been contacted with a start date. Behind the Wheel is a six-week instruction period consisting of twelve one-hour lessons. There will be an instructor and two students in the car at all times. If one student does not show up, the other student will not drive alone with the instructor.


Questions: E-mail Mike Haussmann at or call (630) 530-3412.