Benefits of Work-Based Learning

According to an article from Jobs for the Future (JFF), “In work-based learning programs, young people and adults alike can get the experience employers are seeking and gain the skills and credentials they need to enter and succeed in careers … Likewise, work-based learning helps employers gain access to job candidates who have the hands-on experience they’re seeking.”

According to the article, benefits of work-based learning include:

Student benefits

  • Gain exposure to the world of work.

  • Get firsthand involvement in specific occupations or industries.

  • Gain experience that reinforces academic instruction.

  • Get a paying job that might become permanent.

Employer benefits

  • Develop more robust talent pipelines.

  • Access a diverse and innovative labor pool. 

  • Earn a reputation for being a great place to work. 

  • Boost their business prospects. 

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