District 88 students interview Board of Education members

On Jan. 18, District 88 Board of Education President Donna Craft Cain and Vice President Dan Olson participated in an interview with the Addison Trail and Willowbrook student news channels.

During the segment, Addison Trail senior Enzo Ciaccia and Willowbrook seniors Eric Veal Jr. and Penelope DelValle asked Craft Cain and Olson about the following topics:

  1. What made them want to join the Board of Education, and what’s involved with serving on the Board

  2. What they’ve learned about District 88 during their time on the Board

  3. What advice they would give to other/future Board members

  4. How students can request new academic courses, clubs and activities

  5. Their favorite food from the school cafeteria

  6. Information about the district’s new dress code pilot (see details at www.dupage88.net/site/page/14504)

  7. How the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted the district

  8. Explaining the process to transition to remote learning

  9. The Board’s efforts to expand opportunities for students to share their voices and feedback with the Board, including a new e-mail address (studentvoice@dupage88.net) for pupils to provide input

To watch the interview, click on the video above.