Willowbrook Speech Team earns awards at Joliet West High School tournament

On Nov. 6, members of the Willowbrook Speech Team (pictured above) competed in a tournament at Joliet West High School and finished in 1st place out of 14 schools.

Below are the team’s results from that event.

Dramatic Duet Acting: Freshmen Margaret Brennan and Evan Lundgren (pictured above), 5th place

Dramatic Interpretation: Senior Katherine Wentworth (pictured above), 4th place

Humorous Duet Acting: Junior Amelia Tortorici and sophomore Sean O’Brochta (pictured above), 4th place

Humorous Interpretation: Sophomore Sophia Marino (pictured above), Top Novice


Impromptu Speaking: Junior Oona Webster (pictured above, left), 6th place; senior Emily Maher (pictured above, right), 4th place


Informative Speaking: Freshman Nuha Ashar (pictured above, left), 6th place; junior Lia Galindo (pictured above, right), 5th place

Oratorical Declamation: Freshman Margaret Brennan (pictured above), 6th place


Original Comedy: Senior Elizabeth Michael (pictured above, left), 4th place; junior Amelia Tortorici (pictured above, right), 3rd place


Original Oratory: Senior Emma Wrzeszcz (pictured above, left), 2nd place; junior Lia Galindo (pictured above, right), 6th place


Prose Reading: Senior Emily Maher (pictured above, left), 4th place; senior Emma Wrzeszcz (pictured above, right), 5th place

Radio Speaking: Freshman Aryash Sampat (pictured above), 6th place