Addison Trail recognizes Students of First Semester

Each semester, Addison Trail departments establish criteria that guide the nomination of a student who displays Blazer Pride to receive Student of the Semester recognition.

Criteria typically include:

  • Extraordinary achievement
  • Outstanding effort
  • Commendable attitude and motivation
  • Demonstration of ability to overcome obstacles
  • Continuous exemplary performance

On Dec. 1, the Students of First Semester for the 2022-23 school year were presented during an event in their honor by the staff members who nominated them (pictured above). The honorees are:

Art: Senior Kimberly Perez

Career and Technical Education (CTE) business: Junior Zachary Morris

Career and Technical Education (CTE) family and consumer: Sophomore Alyssa Fachet

Career and Technical Education (CTE) industry and technology: Junior Aylin Vargas

English: Senior Leilani Nevado

Literacy: Melanny Rivera Rodriguez

Math: Freshman Eliska Zvak

Music: Senior Apolonio Ramon

Physical education: Freshman Caterina Moreci

Science: Senior Alexander Georgis

Social studies: Sophomore Katelyn Ford

Student services: Senior Daniel Rozek

World languages: Freshman Melanie Sosa Maldonado

* To view individual photos of the honorees, see the photo gallery above.