Village of Addison, The Cary Company and Symbol Training Institute meet with Addison Trail’s Spanish parent group (Padres Latinos en Acción)

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On May 26, Village of Addison Mayor Rich Veenstra, Village of Addison Special Projects Coordinator Alyssa Cornelius, Village of Addison staff member Edna Velasquez, Nicole Cosentino from The Cary Company and Tom Peters and Ruben Trejo from Symbol Training Institute spoke with members of Addison Trail’s Padres Latinos en Acción (Latino Parents in Action) group.

Veenstra discussed the importance of community involvement and the village’s focus on improving the quality of life for all residents. One way in which the village is working to achieve that goal is making sure residents are aware of the career opportunities in the community.

Cosentino, Peters and Trejo shared information about their respective businesses, including job openings, available benefits and training programs. They also answered questions from parents/guardians and handed out flyers with more details.

District 88 is proud to have a diverse school community – the district has about 40 languages and more than 30 countries represented among its families, and almost half of the nearly 4,000 students at District 88 speak a language other than English at home. The district’s core values include ensuring all students, staff, parents/guardians and community members feel safe, valued, respected and welcome – regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or ability level. As part of that commitment to fostering an inclusive environment and a sense of belonging, the district hosts a variety of groups and meetings for parents/guardians.

Through Padres Latinos en Acción, Spanish-speaking parents/guardians are provided the opportunity to increase their knowledge of the school system to help their students achieve at the highest level. Topics are driven by parent/guardian interest and include information on accessing college, financial aid, rigorous academic programming at Addison Trail, social-emotional concerns and community issues. For more information about the group, contact Addison Trail Assistant Principal Iridia Niewinski at