District 88 implements pilot of updated dress code

As District 88 previously shared, the district recently implemented a pilot of its updated dress code.

For the past two years, the District 88 Behavioral Interventions Committee has recommended a review of the dress code to ensure it is inclusive and equitable for all pupils. Students, staff and parents also have requested updates.

The district met with students, staff members and parents/guardians and developed a pilot program based on feedback received. Adjustments to the updated dress code will be made as needed. Athletic uniforms are currently being reviewed and will be added to the updates as well.

The dress code updates will be presented to the district administration and Board of Education for approval this spring.

To view the dress code pilot, go to https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/10iUeEatzE3H-JzW9P1xDIfl3bO0_fcABLasvgtz6NQc/edit?usp=sharing.